What do I get in the program?

(begins February 23rd)

10 levels of training (videos, audios and handouts) that covers:

Jonathan Speaking

      • Confidence
      • Deep connection skills
      • Body language and vocal power
      • How to craft powerful presentations that enroll
      • How to warm up and prepare, work with mics and much more
      • Growing presence
      • 10 weeks of live online classes – while optional, join in as many as you like ($697 value)
      • Cuting-edge gamified membership site and private Facebook group
      • BAY AREA BONUS: 3 live 3-hour workshops focusing on confidence, vocal power and body language, and integrating all skills into a short talk ($997 value)

What issues does this training specifically help with?


  • Fear and nervousness around public speaking, that holds you back from growing your business
  • Not knowing what to do in order to speak effectively and get other people’s attention
  • Presentations that don’t result in enrollment and sales
  • Feeling disconnected from others, both in life and when speaking
  • Being frozen, awkward and unexpressive – not feeling like yourself when speaking and networking


What will I get out of Claim Your Voice?

Julia Spaking

  • Know how to prepare beforehand, so that you’re ready, comfortable, and effective from the start
  • Gain greater confidence to use speaking to get clients and sell your products and services
  • How to craft a powerful presentation that enrolls potential clients and creates an impact
  • Enhance your own authentic, powerful presence that leaves a lasting impression
  • Learn body language and vocal power that’s approachable, authentic and compelling
  • Techniques to improve your voice: enhance vocal resonance, volume, and enunciation – and reduce vocal strain and accents

Yes, Help Me Claim 'My' Voice

$997 or 3-payments of $367

Does this really work? And will it work for me?
Yes. All techniques and methods have been learned and practiced by thousands of people. If you simply practice as prescribed, you will become an even better speaker than you may have thought possible.
How much time does it take?
You can estimate around 30 minutes once per week to review each level, plus around 10 minutes a day of practice. Other exercises get integrated into your daily activities, with little extra time needed.
What’s the refund policy?
There is a full money-back guarantee through March 15th, when the fourth level is released.
Can’t I just learn this for free somewhere, like Toastmasters?
While great for practice, most Toastmasters chapters don’t actually teach you, step by step, how to improve. This is the only place you will find these speaking and performance techniques, combined with personal empowerment methods and business savvy. This is a powerful system that has been tested, and works.

“I am a workshop leader, a teacher and a creative entrepreneur. Which means that I am constantly having to convey information to my students through talks, or market my services through interviews. But speaking was one of those “necessary evils” related to my business that I neither enjoyed nor felt very competent at. Working with Jonathan turned that around dramatically. And actually very quickly. I had visions of it taking many months or longer before I achieved confidence and ease with speaking. But in mere weeks my experience of speaking changed from dread to excitement. I found that my true voice had been there all along. I just needed the grounded, warm, and compassionate presence that Jonathan provided to relax into my natural style of expression. And he made the whole experience fun … and very playful. Working with Jonathan has truly changed my life. Allow him to change yours.“

Chris Zydel, Creative Juices Arts


“Jonathan is an inspiring, powerful and very kind spirited teacher. The material is very helpful for people who want to gain or improve their public speaking skills. More than anything, this course has called me forth to step into my power, and embrace it, and allow myself to claim my place as a healer and coach.”

Bushra Dudeen, Authenticity Coaching and Consulting

The Behavioral Economics of Stage Fright

“I signed up for this course to overcome a plethora of “ums” in my teleseminars, feel less self conscious when speaking publicly, and create a closer connection with my audience. I really appreciated the holistic nature of this program. Jonathan provided practical steps, visual guidance, and gently probed emotional sticking points for each of us. Jonathan is a natural teacher, and he patiently and provacatively moved us through obstacles and discomfort with being visible and vulnerable. The ‘stop saying “um” practice’ has been so helpful and Stepping into Your Presence is a very practical procedure before speaking. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to speak with confidence and share their message.“

Margi McDaniel, Nourish LLC

Yes, Help Me Claim 'My' Voice

$997 or 3-payments of $367